About Me

Like every horse mad child, I rushed to the window every Christmas Day, expecting to see Black Beauty, or anything with four legs, grazing in the garden, but when that didn’t happen, I used to go off on my bike and cycle, all over the place with a saddle bag full of carrots for all the gypsy horses tethered on the road sides near where I used to live (back in the day when kids could go off  for miles, happily cycling on the main roads and country roads and constantly getting lost – all good character building stuff!). I used to work for my rides, cleaning tack and mucking out and started work as a groom on a variety of different yards.  I did the BHS exams, and ended up running my own yard, training with the TTT (Training the Teachers of Tomorrow) classical dressage training, for many years.  This having the biggest single impact by far on my riding and understanding of training horses and riders.  Over my years there, riding several beautiful horses, both mine and for owners, this world class training which included everything from rider and horse biomechanics, whether riding in front of the gallery or listening to the lectures, gaining a great foundation and  changed my understanding and ability to have a consistent positive effect, thoroughly enjoying bringing horses on and always striving for harmony.


I taught others to ride and have been involved with horses ever since.  At one time we had 6 dogs, 4 cats and a couple of horses, but now it’s just me and Pops, my Tibetan Terrier x Miniature Schnauzer and Boswell my Tibetan Terrier at home, which enables us to offer sanctuary and healing for a dog or dogs in various circumstances where the need may arise.  Bonnie is 25 and in very good health, living her best life at the Horse Haven in Wales, where she has complete freedom to choose whether to go foraging in the hedgerows or paddling in the river that runs off the Welsh mountains, or just wander around the tracks with her friends, she seems to have developed a penchant for younger Spaniards, who in turn adore her! - that's my girl!

In 2004 I changed careers and went into natural therapies for both humans and animals.  I was first introduced to energy work in 2006 when I bought my first InterX, a device based on the Russian Scenar, quickly followed by Low Level Laser, training with Thor, Omega amongst others and the legendary Professor Gordon Farmer, sadly no longer with us. Scenar Therapy training with the Revenko’s, the inventor of the technology and world leaders for all things Scenar, both for animals and humans, has provided many insights and had a  profound effect on the results I get with my clients and will always be an important part of my on-going continued professional development.


Every therapy I added to my toolkit for my human clinic, I always trained in the animals too, first and foremost to help my own dogs and horse, none of which are familiar with the vet (other than socially, down the pub, but that’s as I like it), so I saw how keeping my animals healthy made prudent sense – like an apple a day!

Having trained in and used many bioresonance modalities over the years, I immediately saw how effective this work was and after many years of trial and error, NES Health Bioenergetics emerged as my favourite and I haven’t looked back since I incorporated it into my protocols.  Animals in particular, without any judgement to colour their views, just consistently respond so well.

I love all energy work, Scenar therapy, Acupressure, Reiki, Colour Therapy, Light Therapy, Sound Therapy, Flower Essences, Essential Oils and Herbal Choices for Animals and adore Emmett Therapy for Animals – all have a part to play as each animal is individual and unique.  The one thing I use for every animal, that ties all the other therapies together is NES Health – it’s non invasive, accurate and effective.  Especially now with the added benefit of being able to work remotely with people, now animals can be scanned in their own home, so less stress and immediate information available for the owner, whether you are on the other side of the UK or across the Atlantic, I can work with you.

I still have so much to learn, but the animals have been my greatest teachers – less is more – they have such huge energetic fields, the smallest corrections can gain the greatest results – it’s my absolute pleasure to keep exploring the world of frontier medicine to help all living beings.

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