Bemer Horse-Set Offer – £500 Off

Bemer Horse-Set Offer – £500 Off

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This is such a great offer, I just had to give you all a heads up for Bemer Cyber Week coming up from November 22nd – Bemer have never done this before!

If you were considering buying the Bemer Horse-Set, some great discounts are on offer later this week – head to this link from the 22nd November for £500 off the Horse-Set


Better circulation – Better health

Using a pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to transmit it’s patented signal configuration into the body, The Bemer Horse-Set improves vascular movement in all areas of the body and thus blood flow within the small and smallest vessels (microcirculation).  This results in more adequate blood distribution, improved microcirculation and the body’s natural self regulating processes are thus improved, effectively supporting the entire vascular system

Blood is the river of life. The circulatory system supplies oxygen and nutrients to the cells and is the primary mechanism for the removal of metabolic waste products for disposal.  Microcirculation occurs in the smallest blood vessels and can’t be observed with the naked eye, yet it has a huge effect on the health and performance of your horse, because it is here that your horses vital metabolic processes take place. Healthy microcirculation is essential for your horses health

What if you could improve your horses : blood flow and oxygen : performance, focus and suppleness : relaxation and regeneration : recovery processes after injury or surgery (please consult your own veterinarian) : parasympathetic rest and digest phase

Possible consequences of impaired cellular metabolism that can impact many things are on an almost invisible level – reduced performance – inadequate regeneration during the rest period – increased susceptibility to infection and weakened defences against infection – increased risk of impaired wound healing – prolonged recovery time – overall feeling of low energy




Click here to take advantage of this incredible offer – £500 off the Bemer Horse-Set



The optimal function of tissues and organs depends on adequate blood flow, particularly in the micro-vessels

When the removal of metabolic by products is restricted, deposits form in the tissue, these can promote inflammatory processes.  Restricted blood flow can lead to impaired cellular metabolism and result in restricted organ function as well as a decrease in self regulatory mechanisms throughout the body

Bemer therapy stimulates vasomotion in a physical way, which promotes the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and increases the removal of waste products from the cells, this improvement in microcirculation, positively influences metabolic exchange and cellular metabolism

The Horse-Set outputs a Bemer signal configuration that has been specially adapted for horses

Bemer have been developing patented treatment methods for physical vascular therapy for people since 1998 and horses since 2000 and their research in this field never stops.  The latest Version 3 is the result of intensive collaboration with leading equestrian professionals

Placebo controlled double blind studies in Germany and Italy showed improved suppleness, significant differences were documented at galloping speed, support for the parasympathetic processes and support for training through improved regeneration and suppleness

Benefits of the Bemer Horse-Set

Promotes regeneration and relaxation* : improves suppleness for optimal performance during exercise* : increases performance : reduces your horses susceptibility to infection and strengthens its natural defences : improved response to anaesthesia during surgery and faster regeneration afterwards**

The Bemer Horse-Set balances the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Comes with the easy to operate, lightweight blanket, (fully adjustable to fit all size horses) plus 2 cuffs for the legs. Works when placed over any blanket without impairing its effects.  The Bemer Horse-Set is patented, with 5 patents and is FEI compliant

3 treatment programmes – 5, 10 or 15 minutes in duration

Free shipping – 3 year warranty




  • Effects of Bemer physical vascular therapy in horses under training.  A randomized, controlled, double blind study.  Francesca Daia, Emanuela Dalla Costaa, Alessia Giordanoa, c, Eugenio U.L. Heinzla, Piermarion Giongob, Gracia Pagnozzi, Simona Cannasa, Giulietta Minozzia, Michela Mineroa, Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria, University di Milano
  • User observation : Pferdeklinik Muhlen, Dr Genn, 2017
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