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What is BioGeometry?

A common theme, in the things I recommend – taking the best of mother nature and learning from that how to implement life enhancing and regenerating tools into our daily lives

Bridging the gap between science and spirituality, harmonizing electromagnetic radiation and guiding us back to harmony with all the laws of nature

As I always get my clients to ask themselves in everything they do  …”Is this activity life enhancing or energy depleting?”

BioGeometry is actually the science of detecting the ‘Centering’ or balancing energy quality of BG3, studying its harmonising effect in nature and reproducing it using a system of BioGeometry Harmonics to create a design language of shape that achieves harmony in the inner and outer environment

BioGeometry, Back to a Future for Mankind by Ibrahim Karim, Ph. D., Dr. Sc

Dr. Ibrahim Karim is an architect and regional planner. He is a graduate of the prestigious Federal Institute (ETH) of Zurich, Switzerland, and holds a BA/MA and PhD/D.Sc. in Tourist Planning. Dr. Karim is the founder of the qualitative science of BioGeometry (celebrating 50 years of BioGeometry this year) and currently teaches at several universities and supervises numerous postgraduate studies on the applications of the science of BioGeometry. He was chosen as man of the year by the Swiss magazine Anzeiger in 2005 for his success in reducing the effect of “electro smog” in several regions in Switzerland. Dr. Karim was also chosen as one of the 100 most innovative designers of the 20th Century on Swedish TV, and in 2018 was awarded the Amelia B. Edwards for outstanding achievement in the field of pyramid research.

For many years, I was lucky enough to live on top of Leith Hill, an area of outstanding natural beauty, but so, so much more than that.  With no broadband signal reaching me and being immersed in nature, I felt blessed every day to live there.

When I moved home six years ago, I was immediately aware that something significant was different.  I would wake up every morning with what felt like a hangover, but without the fun of having had a drink the night before and it would take me about 2 hours to surface fully from the fog I felt upon waking.

I knew something was wrong.  I first put it down to not being in nature, I also knew, the Smart Metre had to go (which I fought successfully to have removed), but still, when I logged onto my computer, god knows how many of my neighbours devices I could see on my computer, so I knew I was living in an EMF soup and was somehow waking up after a full nights sleep, not feeling fully charged for the day ahead, far from it, so I got a man experienced in Building Biology in to detect and protect me, my dogs and my home from all the man made EMFs, using metres and equipment to measure, he was happy with the finished result and I’ve no doubt it helped – yet there was something more, something subtle, I couldn’t put my finger on that needed addressing and so began my search for someone or something to help with that …

Immediately from moving into my new home, my little dog Terry seemed to go downhill in his health, animals being the canary in the coal mine, I knew I had to do something

Similarly, how many times have you heard of someone who bought a horse, only for it to ‘under perform’ or seem unhappy at his new yard? …  To not fulfill his full potential.  So easy to blame the rider or start stuffing the horse full of expensive supplements, often to no avail

Have you seen animals in the wild, they will seek out certain areas, given a choice, where they will go to heal and regenerate.  Animals instinctively know these places and they are utilised by all creatures great and small

Imagine being a competition horse and feeling like I did when I moved house – and being expected to go out and perform to your best each and every day – if I couldn’t articulate what was wrong, how on earth could a horse let you know how he is feeling, when locked in a  stable, not of his choice, all day every day, with often no more than a little square paddock environment to fulfil his daily requirements for both movement and being out in nature

I’m just asking you to be more observant, listen to your horse and your gut instinct.  Start making mental notes … Is there one stable on the yard, where horses just do not thrive when they are moved there? …  This might show in behavioural changes, lack of performance with no obvious cause – perhaps start thinking outside the box and hear what they are trying to tell us, some will try and show us in no uncertain terms, other more stoic types, when they are not heard, may just shut down

Consider looking into BioGeometry, the science where Advanced BioGeometry Practitioners can offer practical skills in detecting, measuring and analysing and balancing both grid lines, which are carrier waves of energy and information and body field energy.  Manifesting the most beneficial energies and transmuting detrimental energies, making what appears to be very small placements of objects and stickers, but with very profound results

There is a living, vital energy that runs through the body and all the organs.  The movement of energy in a particular pattern creates function in the body and we can positively effect this with geometrical resonance for healing using energy, shape and function.  The energy manifested neutralises detrimental energy quality and has been scientifically proven in many areas, including a study run by the Egyptian Government at the Egyptian National Research Centre in a study of Hep C, studies on chickens that grew faster and healthier without the need for growth hormones and anti-biotics, (currently on a farm in Canada, they have not used vaccines or anti-biotics on their chickens for seven years – this is unheard of, but so strong is their immune system thanks to placing of BioGeometric shapes, there has been no need, reports too that these chickens are happier, and do not show the scars of pecking and scratching each other, which is sadly considered normal),  cows that were healthier and on an apple orchard – where BioGeometry extended the shelf life of organic apples, so no fertiliser, no pesticides and no life killing radiation, but which produced super charged apples that retained their life force for a long term after picking

On the BioGeometry website, take time to look at the Hemberg Study, an astounding success story, where Dr Karim was bought into to harmonise the town after installation of a phone mast in a church, saw every wild animal that could leave do so, those in captivity were sick, as were the people, after the installation, not only that, but neighbours and lovers were fighting and losing their zest for life.  Such were the effects that people were getting so sick, some took to living in their cellars, to get some relief from their ailments and when mothers saw the negative health effects on their children, there were demonstrations to dynamite the tower!  To be fair, on this occasion Swiss Telecom bought in Dr Karim to harmonise the tower and its detrimental effects and the results were immediate – the bats came back to the belfry, the wild animals returned, people’s health issues went away and everyone’s joy for life returned, with neighbourly relations and subtle differences being noted, also things that were not on the tick box questionnaire, life just got better – do take a read for yourself, it’s fascinating

With more man made frequencies, WiFi, electrical points, cameras in stables, alarm systems, night lights and horses being such hugely sensitive beings, it’s no wonder the bombardment is relentless and can take it’s toll.

I have trained with a world class Doctor for many years now, and when you refer clients to him, he won’t even take them on as a patient unless they have mitigated the WiFi in their home.  One of the simplest way to do this? … turn off your wifi router over night, such is the devastating effect of not being able to allow your body to fully regenerate whilst you sleep – most people agree that the place where you spend most of your time in one place, the bedroom, is the most important place to be able to recuperate from the days workload, but there are many other things to consider in having a peaceful, regenerative place to sleep and allow the body, mind and soul to fully repair

In nature too, there are gridlines, some can have a positive effect and others a negative effect on our biology – these unseen google maps/sat nav of the earth are plainly obvious to any birds/mammals/animals charting their return south for the winter, on long, often first time flights across the earth – quite incredible, but even with all our technology we wouldn’t know if we, or our animals were sleeping on one, good or bad …

I was lucky enough to have Hannah Camidge harmonise my home back in 2016 she completed the first phase.  (The work can be done all at once or in three phases over time), BioGeometry recreates what mother nature does naturally and as we decide where our dogs sleep, where we feed our cats and where some poor horses spend up to 23 hours a day, especially in the winter with lack of turnout, we take away so many of their choices, we owe it to them to offer them the best possible environment to live in.

Hannah is now back in the UK where I shall have my house further harmonised and I have a number of clients eagerly awaiting her arrival to their yards and homes – I am facilitating this and taking enquiries for any interested parties

Dr Karim speaks of ancient temples, when archeologists dig 15 feet deeper, there, from another completely different civilisation is another place of worship or meeting place, people from these ancient times recognised some places on the earth had intrinsic power spots which were of benefit to humanity and built their temples on and around these – it was never the building that was holy, but the place on the earth where they built it, as had their predecesors many thousands of years before them – it’s a fascinating topic and one I would encourage you to develop a curiosity and explore further

Having carefully considered and refined everything in the physical environment, one of the best things you can do for your horse or your yard is utilising BioGeometry to give equal consideration to the unseen factors that it is important to have consciousness around.

When nature is undisturbed, the subtle harmonics of the environment are coherent and intrinsically support biological life. You are employing Biogeometry to restore that coherence to the environment, based on the technical understanding of how nature achieves this in the first place, and how to replicate it.

Effectively you are creating a place equivalent to the very powerful places that occur naturally on the earth. Animals are very aware of the quality of these places and seek them out.

Our bodies rely entirely on minute electrical signals to function. You are ensuring that all of the noise and static is cancelled out, so that communication happens unimpeded and the greatest potential is allowed to unfold

There are a lot of inherant stress factors for our horses nowadays. Since many of these cannot be eliminated, its incredibly important to secure an environment which is a sanctuary for efficient recovery. This is exactly a situation of non-inteference with the bodys ability to heal and rest. Thats the first thing you are achieving with this installation. Secondly when this environment is the baseline, the horses that travel from your stable will be doing so with both the reserve to support them in meeting those stress factors sucessfully, and the bounce-back to be ready to meet their schedule.

There is plenty of well controlled testing which demontrates that by influencing the environment we are able to improve physical health, in particular the immune system, but also emotional and psychological health…. in humans and animals.

Beyond taking care of the body as a machine, your approach with this installation is to acknowledge and support every aspect of the horses experience that may influence or determine performance, as well as life quality obviously….




Hannah Camidge is an experienced, empathetic Advanced Practitioner of BioGeometry and is currently in the UK offering this beautiful service

Please get in touch with me on 07717 665381 for an informal chat if you are interested

Limited space available for harmonisation of your home and stables this winter – taking bookings now for Summer 2022

For more information on BioGeometry, please go to

To read about the Official Hemberg Study click here


In good health




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