I wanted to just tell you about Flo, I mean it's nothing short of a miracle, because she has been a different dog.

We didn't realise that we’d lost her character and everything, she just never cuddled on the bed she was all, pushed you away and reserved, now she's under the duvet, she snuggles up on the cushion, on the pillow right next to your face, she's all loving and I mean she's a different dog, it is quite remarkable
I just cannot believe it and Neil who was a sceptic is completely turned the other direction

It’s unbelievable, I just didn't realise we'd lost her character and I think that's the most rewarding thing is she's back, she's so cute and she's really giving Jackson what for, where she wouldn't do that, so she's rolling around with him fighting and biting him and playing an all of that we never had and that's all back which is absolutely marvellous.  Anyway, we are so chuffed, we can't believe it.  Thank you, thank you and thank you again

Cavell Thomas

East Horsley

I wanted to say what a huge difference Helen has made to Pie in one visit using the NES miHealth scanner.  Once Pie had been scanned, which was quick and easy, Helen ran the programme on him including ESR, Liberator and Chill and he became a different horse.  


He started off as quite stressed and anxious and tended to headbutt you and wave his back legs around and generally never stand still and during the treatment he started to relax, breathe deeply and his whole facial expression changed.


Afterwards I came and looked at him in his stable and his lower lip was hanging and he was just snoozing and I’ve never seen him like that before.


Since then he’s been so much better, so much more relaxed, much less fizzy generally.   I often see him snoozing with his lower lip hanging and he’s great to handle, doesn’t wave his legs about, doesn’t headbutt you, been fantastic with quite a few vet visits recently and he really is a changed horse and just one treatment made such a huge difference to him.

Liz Hale

Reigate, Surrey

"I highly recommend the NES Bioenergetic System for you and your animals, I have found it to be consistently accurate in pinpointing imbalances and then helping to rectify these with the MiHealth and Infoceuticals. Both myself and my cat Meg use NES, Meg absolutely loves curling up with the MiHealth.”

Anna Knowles

"This is Ernie ( Lord Ernest ) who gives his everything, into everything he does. He loves to please and always try’s his best which has been rewarded with some great prizes/ placings in dog agility and is slowly working up the grades. He has received first class treatment from first class therapies after some tough days of competition to keep him in the best shape.”

"Thank you for the session yesterday. I am normally a very cynical and closeminded person, but I thought it was amazing. It’s 10am and Dilys has only scratched once today. So I was really pleased and I haven’t seen those puppy dog eyes that Dilys gave you, since she was a puppy, and they reminded me of the look on my daughters face when I was breast feeding!"